Saturday, 28 June 2008

I think I bit off more than I can chew with my Esperanto post...?

I think if I continue investigating language, lingusitcs etc. I'll be biting off more than I can chew. I have a degree in English but that was a while ago now and I definitely don't have the most informed mind when it comes to these things - good reason to find out more, I guess.

It won't stop me, but I guess if I'm going to put myself out there I will stick to the maxim, "There are no stupid questions" and then hopefully I can navigate the blogsphere ok. Anyway, I'm all for being educated, so feel free all to put me right :-D

I quit my job this week, and from August I will have a lot more time to devote to starting my new business, promoting Paolo's music and learning more about language (including Esperanto, which sounds REALLY interesting - more than I had thought it would be actually), music and all sorts. I hope to resume my study of Italian and, if it proves possible, I think I'd quite like to have a shot at learning Esperanto. (Although as I have an active toddler zooming around, this could be rather ambitious! Nothing wrong with ambition I guess!)

So lots of things I want to achieve - I'm impatient to get going but will have to do things piecemeal until then.

Paolo is very busy right now - too busy to give me much stuff to blog about so I will continue to blunder through the subject matter his music has opened up to me, finding out things for myself in the mean time.

Anyone who fancies pointing me in the direction of particularly simple Esperanto learning tools (ideally online), I'd be very grateful. Of course I can research things for myself, but a little direction from those who know is never a bad thing. Thanks also to all the people who commented!


Anonymous said...

you could use this collection of links

Good luck with you learnings

Bonan sukceson!

Brian Barker said...

Sorry to bore you, because you may know already?

Not a lot of people know that the Beijing Olympics have appointed an Esperanto translator. But it has!

Who said Esperanto is not a living language?

Eriketo said...


There's quite a good selection of courses there.