Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Homophobic Faggot: Love Song For A Closet Gay

I was cruising YouTube for alternative gay music and this is what I found - and it, in turn, led me to other very interesting and often amusing videos. [How did I ever live without YouTube and why did it take me so long to investigate!]

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to really look through all his videos but I liked this one:

I can't hear all the lyrics but whatever they are, I thought the video was really cool.

The guy is known on YouTube as bcurious2. So far I have been able to find out the following:

He's gay, into making alternative music (so far as I have gotten, it appears to often be gay-themed); he's a 4th generation atheist; his grandparents formed an atheist movment; he loves languages and was raised tri-lingual (although he has picked up several languages since then; he's a painter & a video artist and has two day jobs to pay the bills and he is more interested in the future than the past.

I got this information from here, which led me on to find another YouTube Gem, boniac [The Reapers Pit] who I found to be very entertaining indeed. I started with this one:

and I'm looking forward to watching more of both of them and I hope you enjoy them too!

Pictures from the set of the video for Gravita

Watch the video now on YouTube...

Lyrics in Esperanto

Well it's been hard to find out what Paolo's been up to lately - from what I can tell he is extremely busy with finishing his album, Gnoseological Paradigms. He has been promoting it in Italy, and trying to decide on artwork to go with it etc. Hence all my tangents into language and Esperanto. These tangents have turned out to be of more relevance than I had first thought though...

Busy as he is, Paolo has been keeping an eye on this blog and was very interested in the response from the Esperanto readers, who have kindly commented and offered insights into Esperanto, language in general and places I can get started with it, which has been great [thanks everyone :-D).

He told me that he was intrigued to find out more about Esperanto; that it had such a great following and that there was such a lively debate about it's existence and it's future. He was also interested in it from a linguistic point of view and he was pretty enthusiastic about the potential for including a song or songs in Esperanto on his next album - as some of you may or may not already be aware, Paolo experiments with many different languages and linguistic concepts in his music. He wondered whether there were any other musicians or writers using Esperanto as their principal medium - does anyone know?

He told me that his next album will include a song in Bahasa Indonesian, which is another artificially-created language which is also spoken by quite a few people. Esperanto seems like a logical choice and ripe for further investigation!

So as soon as I have finished training my replacements at work, and gone on holiday to Devon, I'll be able to give my study of Esperanto (and all the issues surrounding it) much more attention. So there will be more Esperanto for me come August!

If anyone is interested in finding out more about Paolo's take on language, linguistics and music, [and if you haven't already] why not check out the YouTube videos below, where he talks about it more eloquently than I ever could - [although please bear in mind that neither of us wrote the subtitles, which are ok but not perfect! x]