Wednesday, 23 July 2008

So much good news for Paolo Ferrarini I don't know where to start!

Sorry not to have posted in so long - I've been on holiday to Devon. Very nice holiday but it's good to be back and to be able (at last) to devote myself to starting a new business and spreading the word about Paolo's music.

Hopefully now I don't have to work office hours I can actually use this blog to make a more signifcant contribution to helping Paolo reach a wider audience. I'm all for that.

Speaking of which, I received three very exciting Paolo Ferrarini-related pieces of news today...

I will start with this one.

Paolo has been featured on a website called

If you have a good command of Italian, check out what they had to say here.

If however, like me, your Italian is a little rusty, try this translation instead:

"Paolo Ferrarini's 'Gravity'.

Paolo Ferrarini is a young musician from Verona. 'Gravità' is the first single taken from his new album 'Paradigmi Gnoseologici'...

We would like to invite you to watch the videoclip of this song, which is in fact much more than a simple videoclip. It has very deep and meaningful contents and is one of the few openly gay, serious works we are aware of.

The video was presented at the Roma3 Film Festival earlier in June 2008.

It is a very committed work, which we recommend everyone to see and follow closely".

Not bad eh?

The second piece of good news was that there is a second label interested in financing the printing of Paol's forthcoming album, Gnoseological Paradigms, which will include a booklet with pictures and lyrics.

But the very best piece of news I save for last.

Paolo is coming to to work in London for three months, starting in September, and so the promotion of his album, Gnoseological Paradigms will start here in the UK, which hopefully means that I can help out after all! (If he lets me!)

I was already feeling chipper today, but now I feel like cavorting, so please excuse me while I go dancing down the road....