Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Promotional p[ ostcards]


These are the proofs for the flyers/postcards that I have been designing to promote Paolo in the UK. I like them - what do you think?

I am having some problems with his square brackets on this blog however:

1) I have been using them wrong half the time - apparently it's supposed to be p[ aolo ferrrarini] so that the mind's usual use of punctuation is challenged (brackets in the wrong place, spaces in the wrong place, no capital letters etc.)

2) The second problem I have with the brackets is that if someone Googles Paolo Ferrarini, this site won't come up. I had thought this was because the site was so new that the search engine bots hadn't had a chance to find it yet. But actually it's the P[aolo] or p[ aolo] factor so I may remove them altogether from my posts - make a conceptual sacrifice. I suppose as it's me making the sacrifice [and not paolo] then it's less of an issue. As much as I enjoy his concepts, I'm going to be a rubbish promoter if I let the concept get in the way of the search engines.

If anyone knows how to stay true to the concept - use p[ aolo ferrarini] and make sure the search engines can still find this blog if someone searches under paolo ferrarini, please speak up now!

So at some point I am going to have to go back through the posts and remove every P[aolo] and p[aolo] and replace it with a Paolo. That will be my other correction - removing capital letters. It's so strange - those captial letters are ingrained in me. Names, titles and starting a sentence. It's going to be a tough habit to break. One of the top three things that drives me nuts about looking though CVs at work is the number of people that don't know when to use a capital letter. [*I have sinced decided to keep capital letters, conventionalist slave that I am]

Many people (even top director level people) seem to think that they want to communicate their own emphasis upon a certain word or words, then they should employ captitalisation.

So they may write:

"I am an experienced Programme Manager with a proven track record and a Dedication to Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics."

It makes me want to scream but I don't even correct them anymore. It's so widespread among candidates and clients it seems pointless. I stick only to the entirely pointy.

The other things that drive me wild are an inability to use apostrophes - so I see a lot of plurals expressed as possessives - CV's, for example.

The final thing that makes me gnash my teeth is people who can't spell (which is bad enough) but then can't be bothered to use a spell checker. The word most often spelled incorrectly is:


That extra 'i' get's em every time.

And it isn't that unusual to get all three of those things, over and over in a CV of someone earning anything from £20K - £120K.

How sad.

Well, enough of my ranting, it's not like I don't make mistakes, it's true. My grasp of commas is intuitive at best, I admit.

Anyway...I'm still waiting for Paolo to decide what he would like to change [I'm pretty sure there will be something] and then I can get to work. Or I'll just bored waiting and go ahead and make an executive decision! ;-D