Saturday, 21 June 2008

New Video - Producer Max Titi talks about working on Paolo Ferrarini's forthcoming album "Paradigmi Gnoseologici"

This video is very interesting for many reasons, but, if I may say so, (and I may because it's my blog,) it will live in my heart forever by way of a line that occurs very early on:

"Can you give me the sound of a moth?"

Which is only topped by a following comment:

"Of course there are no moths in the studio"

How can Max be so sure? Did he check? Did he mothball the place against such an eventuality?

Seriously, although quite technical it's a great insight into the process that Paolo (and his collaborators) have gone through in order to come up with this album, which I am still awaiting, very impatiently. There will be eight tracks, I hear, and I have six. Give me the other two!